The Alfredo Larrauri Archive is a privately owned repository of late Mexican architect-turned artist’s artistic legacy containing his life-long creations.

Larrauri’s imagery ranges from the representational to the abstract and is charged with poetic, political and social commentary, but with no particular message.

His pursuit for beauty led him to create illustrations inspired by literary works in unique and enriching ways; this imaginatively and original re-interpretation of literary works is what makes his approach notable and interesting.

What we do
We research, organise, care for and disseminate Alfredo Larrauri’s artwork."

Alfredo Sánchez Larrauri (1938-2012)
Mexico City- born artist, Larrauri was a passionate artist that made art all of his live. What follows is an exaustive list of exhibitions he participated during an outstanding artistic career, spanning over 52 years of prolific production.

- Education -

Universidad de GuadalajaraArquitectura1960-1964

- Solo Exhibitions -

Exhibition nameVenueYear
“Dibujo en cuatro tiempos: Obra Reciente”Museo de Historia de Tlalpan2004
"Poetas Guerrilleros"Casa de la Cultura de Tabasco2001
"Situaciones Gráficas"Radio Educación2001
"Poetas y Profetas"Casa de la Cultura de Tabasco2000
"Poetas Guerrilleros"Radio Educación2000
"En el Vasto Territorio de la Tinta"Casa De La Primera Imprenta De América1999
"Territorios de Tinta"Colegio Madrid1999
"Escandalo, moda, sexo irreverencia y anarquia"Galería Corridoio Vasariano1999
"De Casiques y Propietarios" Libro "Dibucitario"Galería del Tango1998
"La Cristiada"Colegio Madrid1997
"Grabados Bravos"Galería Manuel Felguérez1996
"Poetas en Papel"Galería Rosas Blancas1996
"Poetas en Papel"Centro Cultural Rio Rita1995
"Dibujos y Grabados"Hojarasca1995
"Poetas en Papel"Museo Amado Nervo1995
"De Poetas, Guerrilleros y Propietarios"Librería Gandhi1994
"Figuraciones"Taller Experimental de Gráfica de la Habana1993
"Dibucitario"Oleos y TintasCasa de la Cultura de Tlalpan1990
"Dibujos Recientes"Centro Cultural Rio Rita1990
"Dibucitario"Galería Azúl1990
"Selección Especial de Dibujos"Galería Línea1989
"Puerco en Vallarata y Otros Temas"Galería Pacífico1989
"Plaquet Dibucitario"Sala de Juntas IPSE1989
"Poetas y Sirenas"Galería de Arte Contemporáneo1988
"Estudios al rededor del Puerco-Humano"Galería Línea1988
"Sol y Luna"Galería Pacífico1987
"Los Blancos y los Negros"Galería Línea1986
"De Héroes, Guerrilleros y Propietarios"Galería Varia1985
"Poetas en Papel"Instituto Anglo-Mexicano de Cultura Mexico City1985
"Loterías"Galería Casa de Uruguay1984
"Aproximaciones Gráficas al Mundo de Juan Rulfo"Galería Morandi1983
"De Poetas, Guerrilleros y Propietarios"Galería Orfeo Catalá1983
"De Poetas, Guerrilleros y Propietarios"Galería Taxco1983
"Aproximaciones Gráficas al Mundo de Juan Rulfo"Galería Tierra Adentro1983
"La Pasión"Galería Clemente Orozco1982
"Héroes Anónimos de la Revolución"Casa de Cultura Niños Héroes1981
"Héroes Anónimos de America Latina"Casa del Lago1981
"Tintas y Grabados Románticos"Galería Acuarelas1980
"Héroes Anónimos"Galería Amit1980
"La Cristiada"Galería Firenze1980
"Héroes Anónimos Hispano-Americanos”Galería Universitaria1980
"21 Estampas para un corrido de Renato Leduc"Galería Casa de Nacho Orendain1979
"Héroes Anónimos de la Revolución Mexicana"Galería Artes de Quito1978
"Dibujo y Grabado Romántico"Galería Firenze1978
"Héroes Anónimos"Galería La Mancha Blanca1978
"Nuevos Dibujos en el viaje"Taller San Rafael1978
"Oleos, Dibujos y Goauches"Galería Casa de Ronza Collignon1977
"Obra Gráfica"Galería El Ático1976
Carteles del ZodiacoUniversidad de Villahermosa1974
Carteles del ZodiacoGalería Municipal1972
"50 Dibujos de Sánchez Larrauri"Instituto Cultural Brasil Estados Unidos1971
"Exhibición y Destrucción"Galería Municipal1970
"Los Humores del Hombre"Galería Arvil1969
"La Reina Americana"Galería Frederick Martin1969
"Serie Cristeros"La Galería1968
"Dibujos"Downey City Hall1966
"Dibujos 1966"Galería de Arte Mexicano Olga Dondé1966
Jornada de Estudiantes de ArquitecturaCasa de la Cultura Jalisciense1960

- Collective Exhibitions -

Exhibition nameVenueYear
Salón de la Gráfica IIIInstituto Cultural Cabañas1995
Colectiva de InviernoGalería Línea1988
Desdibujando a ErosGalería Línea1988
Cuatro Sueños a la VistaGalería Línea1987
Un Texto con PretextoGalería Línea1987
EncuentrosGalería Rafael Matos1986
InauguraciónGalería Línea1985
Primera Bienal Nacional de Dibujo y GrabadoCasa de Diego Rivera en Guanajuato1984
Catorce Artistas Mexicanos bajo los Auspicios de John HoustonGalería Uno1984
Arte ObjetoGalería Anubis1983
Grabado Mexicano Contemporáneo: Cuba y SudaméricaINBA1983
Salón Nacional de DibujoPalacio de Bellas Artes1983
Salón de OctubreCasa de la Cultura Jalisciense1982
Gráfica Contemporánea de MéxicoPalacio de Iturbide, Seguros América Banamex1982
Posada NowThe Mexican Museum1982
Salón de OctubreCasa de la Cultura Jalisciense1981
Posada NowForo de Arte Contemporáneo1981
Taller María IzquierdoForo de Arte Contemporáneo1981
Héroes RománticosGalería Solaris1981
Siete Artistas de GuadalajaraThe Mexican Museum1981
Volviendo al RomanticismoGalería Anubis1980
La Elite IrracionalGalería Firenze1979
La AmistadGalería Firenze1979
Héroes AnónimosGalería Marchand1979
Arte EróticoGalería Nueva1979
De Panarte, Panamá, Panamá, Colectiva de InviernoGalería El Sotano1978
Cuatro Puntos de Vista del DibujoGalería Los Turcos1978
Imágen acual de las Artes Visuales de JaliscoPalacio de Bellas Artes1970
Arte de JaliscoPlaza del Sol1970
Fiesta de Jalisco en ArizonaPhoenix Art Museum1967
Jornada de Estudiantes de ArquitecturaCasa de la Juventud1964
Nuevos Valores del DibujoCasa de la Cultura Jalisciense1963
Arte de JaliscoPalacio de Bellas Artes1963

Short Biography

Alfredo Sánchez Larrauri was born in Mexico City in 1938 to Jorge Sánchez and Elvira Larrauri. He attended a militarised college, which may have played a role in his upbringing and influence his artwork latter on. He was notoriously different amongst his family and he could have been accused of being a rebel, hardly ever conforming to the status quo.

After his college years in Mexico City he moved to Guadalajara, Jalisco, where he studied Architecture at Guadalajara University (1960-1964). While studying architecture, at the age of 21, he started drawing and painting professionally and took artistic advise from tutors Jorge Martínez and Olivier Seguin among others. He did not take formal art lessons. Instead he walked through Jalisco’s towns drawing people and any interesting sights he encounter in his surroundings.

As he perfected the art of drawing, he held his first exhibition at the Casa de la Cultura Jalisciense (1961), where he showed his work for four consecutive years (1960-1964). After completing his university studies he practiced architecture for several years.

After a few exhibitions, during his time at university, he was spotted by José Luis Cuevas (1934 - 2017), who took Larrauri under his wings and expressed about him the following: “I met a group of artist in Guadalajara, amongst them Alfredo Larrauri, magnificent drawer”.

Under the encouragement of Cuevas, Larrauri held his first major solo exhibition at Galería Mexicana de Arte in Zona Rosa, Mexico City (1966).

During that time, Larrauri met with writers such as Federico Campbell, Homero Aridjis, Carlos Monsivais, Luis Guillermo Piazza, Jorge Arturo Ojeda and Guillermo García Oropeza amongst others. He also met frequently with Eraclio Zepeda, with whom collaborated illustrating Zepeda’s Un tango para Hilvanando, a short tale about a tailor (Hilvanando), who falls in love with the tango dance and longs a trip to Río de la Plata, the birthplace of the popular dance. This short story is not unlike Larrauri’s, who became a highly enthusiast tango dancer and eventually fulfilled his dreams of visiting Argentina.

By the early seventies, he started to develop a more personal style and soon began to gain modest recognition. By 1974 he returned to Mexico City, where he remained the rest of his life. During much of his career he illustrated numerous magazines and publications in Mexico and beyond.

His work has been on display at approximately a hundred exhibitions —most of them self-conceived— between 1960 and 2004. He have had his work displayed in the USA, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Cuba.

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